Python Module Index

upoints Modules for working with points on Earth
    upoints.baken Imports baken data files
    upoints.cellid Imports OpenCellID data files
    upoints.cities Support for GNU miscfiles cities data files
    upoints.edist Simple command line coordinate processing
    upoints.geonames Imports data files
    upoints.gpx Imports GPS eXchange format data files
    upoints.kml Imports KML data files
    upoints.nmea Imports GPS NMEA-formatted data files
    upoints.osm Imports OpenStreetMap data files
    upoints.point Classes for working with locations on Earth
    upoints.trigpoints Support for trigpoint marker files
    upoints.tzdata Imports timezone data files from UNIX zoneinfo
    upoints.utils Support code for :mod:upoints
    upoints.weather_stations Support for NOAA weather station data
    upoints.xearth Support for xearth-style marker files